I would like to give thanks to those kind enough to help me learn a lil
about making studio outfits.......I couldn't of done it with out all of your help.
Thanks so much for all your help and support, and sharing files with me..
So it took a lot of patience from each and everyone of you...........
*TheFirstWaya*, *MrAllen*, Liath , *Isis* *Jenniferbugg*. *C@ndi~SiNZ*, DB Digital, Livid, *SkyeBlue*,*Rasta* and last but not least all that my sis *Kitty* who taught a lot in moove  how to design
wish she'd get back here where she belongs......
BIG HUGE ((((((((((HUGSSSSSSS))))))))))))) to ALL OF YOU..
                                                  Thanks Maggy....:)

All of my outfits were made using "Software Rendering" I have recently found out that a few things don't show up the
same using "DirectX" for instance our black sparkle gown it
sparkles but when using the "directx" it does not.....:) Also
ALL of the outfits are made for ALL skin tones....:)
The things on "THIS" site will always remain free except for
the NFL and the NHL Jerseys.....they and the new ones to be
made will be on the pay site......Enjoy........Thanks, Maggy..:)