Knot Yellow Blue Plaid Shirt
        regular moove bust
Knot Yellow Blue Plaid Shirt
         for Val_BoobJOB
When using any of the outfits I  made that state they r
for Val_BoobJOB...For best results this is what I do.
I always have one actor already made for dressing with
the Val_BoobJOB added to it already. I keep it in studio
simply for dressing.......then all you have to do is just
add the tops.........then save the actor....ty...:)   Do not use
the val boobjob after u put the top on. Do it as stated
Red & Black Plaid Knot Top & HotPants
all sold seperately, the knot top just as
the above ones comes in regular moove
bust size and the Val_BoobJOB size.