"Stars & Stripes Bikini"
This bikini comes in 1 mpz, I made the top and bottom
together.  It has ties on the side and on the back. This one is
made for ONLY women who wear the vAL BoobJOB . I made the same bikini for regsize bust/moove actors and the
download for it is below but it comes in two seperate mpz's

                       "Black Leapard Bikini"
This one I  made for the ValBoobJOB also,
and regsize/moove actor bust. But it comes
seperate....the top and bottoms for both.
"Please note that this bikini doesnt fit exactly flesh to the skin because of the srf...u can see where I am talking about
from the side pose of the stars & stripes pic, just wanted to let u know BEFORE u purchase...ty