Modeling Kys_JOJO  (my grandaughter)
My Models and Grandkids
KyStephen and Kys_JOJO
Both Jerseys Have Steelers written on sleeves
Dallas Cowboys Female/Male Jersey's
Eagles Male\Female Jersey's
Vikings Male\Female Jersey's
Packers Male\Female Jersey's
Steelers Male\Female Jersey's
Colts Male\Female Jersey's
Both Jersey's have Colts down sleeves
Bills Jersey
If ANY of your arms dont work
or show up on purchases you
made before PLEASE contact
me and I will make it right..I was lucky enuf that someone
came to me with a prob on the male colts jersey...its fixed of   2-5-2010.  So this
one shouldnt cause any prob.
again, come to me and I will
give u the fix if u got it before.